Jayesh Mody

Jayesh Mody is pragmatic, analytical, inquisitive and

an observant nature combined with  his life experiences

developed his passion for writing.

He has travelled in different part of the world  that

has helped create a repository of stories and experiences.

He is based in South Carolina, USA & spends

time in NY / NJ, Florida & India.

Jayesh Mody

Dont Panic

Just step out of the lingering painful memories and get rid of stress, tension and anxiety from life as we all are
Born to Live a Blissful Life.

The fiction and non-fiction short stories are always served as an effective means to communicate with the masses and what better way to impart values than stories. The anecdotes are short, witty & aim to reach the intended audience.

It is a great book for youngsters and the parents. Owning this book & spreading its message can greatly help enrich one’s circle and the society at large

Jayesh Mody

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