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Don’t panic pleas to all parents and elders not to confuse minds of youngsters by implanting seed of differences and discrimination at their young age while sending them in school & playground. With all genuine looking excuses & casual dialogues some of the parents pour readymade knowledge dished out to their innocent children about race & religions, customs & cultures and inadvertently sow the seeds of enmity and intolerance into them for others.

The vulnerable youth exploitation can be curbed to a great extent; if women reconsider and make little changes in their way of thinking for their young kids. Seeds can be sown for human values into them creating solid foundation for the unexpected future requirements and emergencies.

This will help not only to avoid suffering with painful memories by the family members of victims but at the same time the mother of an offender to pass through lifetime agony, melancholy and humiliation. Don’t panic gently calls for young women’s attention that there is implied treaty between mother and new arriving baby to perform their best.

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