Parenting Lead a Youngsters To Happy and Blissful Life

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The present era is of modern technologies which is updating every day, making everyone’s life comfortable and convenient but somehow the internal scenario is quite different as most of the people are missing inter bliss & contented life. With globalization there is loss of some individual cultural identities. To our unfortunate the families have kept on dividing further and further. The nuclear family also started dividing into single parenting. With such scenario our coming up generation is getting confused and remaining lost.

It is not only the terrorism but many other offences such as murdering & mass shooting, tyrannies & cruelties, rape & gang rape, alcoholism & drug related crimes and many other atrocious activities create chaos in our societies every day.

It is also observed that most of the parents confuse minds of youngsters by implanting seed of differences and discrimination at their young age while sending them in school & playground. With all genuine looking excuses & casual looking dialogues some of the parents and inadvertently sow the seeds of enmity & intolerance into them for others and thereby offering opportunities to antisocial elements to trap those innocent, succumbing youngsters. It is ironic that we used to blindly believe in religion without a scientific basis and today, we blindly believe in science without understanding the religious basis of existence and intelligent design of creator, the almighty. Either way, we are not any better off.

The vulnerable youth exploitation can be curbed to a great extent, if women reconsider and make little changes in their thinking for their young kids and the seeds can be sown for human values into them creating solid foundation for the unexpected future requirements and emergencies.. Women need to judge themselves for their role as a rescuer and re-evaluate their commitments so as to channelize their power to protect not only their children but also the unfortunate.

There is implied treaty between mother & new arriving baby to perform their best. With the present scenario it is not only the mother but the whole family be involved in this process of character-building of our youth as was previously the norm in our Indian joint families. We can always choose to be happy by following to our own voice of conscience before doing any act and taking any decisions, a natural alarming and guiding system present in every one of us. There is always boomerang effect in everyone’s life for the deeds done, decisions taken and even any thoughts created for doing-wrongs. It boomerangs with certainty in many astonishing ways which ultimately turns into unforgettable painful memories.

In fact, our consciousness gives alarm every time and as it always wants to retain its originality, but we hardly listen to our consciousness and we gradually develop negligence and ignorance towards it. With passage of time either we get tune in such away thereby we don’t even perceive such alarms at all and our beautiful guiding system just becomes dormant.

Under the circumstances we will keep committing wrongs with self-centeredness which ultimately make our life filled with painful memories and that will lead to us being unhappy. Please think and ponder with rational mind and with quality of resilience to accept, resolve, release and ultimately get rid of all those lingering painful memories to regain blissful and happy life. It is very important to avoid piling ups of unforgettable lingering painful memories as these memories not only create unhappiness in our life but sometimes lead to depression. We need to get rid of such unforgettable lingering painful memories and lead a happy and blissful life.


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