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It is not only terrorism but many other offences such as mass shooting & murdering,tyrannies & cruelties, gang rape, drugs related crimes; human trafficking and other atrocious activities create chaos in our societies every day.

Don’t panic draws attention of gullible succumbing youngsters to refrain from committing such heinous acts. With such acts they not only push their targeted victims into life long woes and miseries but invariably push their mothers and near & dear ones also to live enduring remorseful life for which they never think. This has nothing to do with any race or religion as the emotions and sentiments of a mother transcend all races & religions especially aftermath of any such atrocities committed by her sons/daughters.

Don’t panic urges to the parents to nurture human values into their children which will definitely generate hopes for delivering responsible citizens to the country.

Fighting against the atrocious barbaric offenses is bloody & unending process.

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